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Explore these great gift ideas for the ASTRONOMY AND SCIENCE enthusiast!

Meade Star Navigator NG102MM

The Star Navigator NG (Next Generation) 102 features a 102mm (4”) Achromatic Refractor optical design and single-arm, computerized mount with AudioStar® computer controller. AudioStar® contains a 30,000+ object-database to take you on multiple tours of the night sky. With the included accessories and offering extreme portability, the viewing potential is endless.

Oberwerk XL series

The BT-100XL-ED is the pinnacle of Oberwerk optical technology, achieving superior image quality with a 100mm binocular telescope that weighs a mere 12.5 lbs! With 100mm FK-61 ED objectives, 24mm of clear prism aperture,and a lightweight magnesium alloy body, this binocular telescope sets a new standard for image quality AND portability


ExploraDomes are extremely durable.  The dome is 8ft wide and you have your choiceof either 8ft or 10.5ft round base and 10’ x 10’ ft or 12’ x 12’ ft squarebase. Extension bay and various accessory kits available to customize your dometo fit your needs.

QHY CFW3 Filter Wheel

The QHYCFW3 is available in four sizes with capacities of five to nine filters from1.25" to 50mm square. This 3rd generation design uses a high quality ultra-thin hybrid stepper motor with virtually zero backlash. The CFW3can be controlled by either the 4-Pin QHY filter wheel port or a USB connection. Retail Price starts at $279

OMEGON MiniTrack LX3

The Omegon MiniTrack LX3 is a compact photography mount that almost guarantees accomplished astropics - with both wide-angle and light weight telephoto lenses. It is surprisingly simple to get gorgeous views of the cosmos- even if you think you don't belong to the bunch of gifted astrophotographers.

L350 Direct Drive Mount

PlaneWave Instruments is proud to introduce its new L-Series direct drive mount system. The L-Series offers versatility, simplicity and affordability by combining all the technology of our Observatory class telescopes into a compact stand-alone mount.

QHY5III Series Cameras

The QHY5-III series cameras are super-speed USB3 cameras and guiders.  They can be used in a standard1.25-inch eyepiece holder and include monochrome and color, low noise, high QE, back-illuminated sensors for high resolution exceptional planetary imaging and excellent guiding sensitivity.   Priced from $199.

Eaglemoss Build a Model Solar System

Explore the mysteries of the universe and when you build this beautiful, easy to assemble, limited edition Solar System model in which the movements of the planets are represented with astronomical accuracy. Subscription includes 104 sets of parts and informative magazines, plus $60 worth of subscriber gifts.

Value: $1,400

Space & Beyond Box

The ultimate space lover’s subscription box! Each quarterly Space & Beyond Box from the maker’s of Astronomy magazine features a collection of 5-7 specially curated space-themed items at a savings of over 30% off retail prices. The Space & Beyond Box includes intriguing, high quality items and exclusive products not available anywhere else! It’s a space lover’s dream come true.